Detroit Training Center offers comprehensive safety, licensing, and certification programs to construction contractors that are in need of improving their on-site safety in a very cost-effective manner. Our programs are completely customizable so that you only pay for what you need. We have a long history of working with construction company owners, managers, supervisors, and human resources to ensure that safety, training records, and documentation are all aligned and maintained per OSHA standards. Benefits of our training include (but are not limited to):

  • Job site safety increases
  • On-site incident reductions
  • Lowering EMR for Worker's Comp
  • Paying lower long-term Worker's Comp costs
  • Meeting all federal and state safety regulations
  • Repeated business due to safety reputation
  • No need for full-time safety manager
  • Significant discounts on any required safety courses for employees
  • No need to worry about HR staff or owners scheduling training--we will do that for you!

Our workforce development programs include:


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