Picture shows Asbestos and Lead Training shot by Samantha Ogletree

asbestos noun. naturally occurring mineral that takes the form of hollow, microscopic fibers which are nearly indestructible.

lead noun. naturally occurring heavy, bluish metal that has been used for centuries in a myriad of products. It is nearly indestructible and is not biodegradable.

cadmium noun. naturally occurring element found in the earth's crust that is a soft, silver-white metal.

asbestos/lead/cadmium awareness

The potential for exposure to Asbestos, Lead, and Cadmium is highest among workers in electroplating, metal machining, plastics, ceramics, paint, welding, and abatement operations. The main exposure routes are through inhalation of dust and fumes and the incidental ingestion of dust from contaminated hands, food, or cigarettes. 


2 Hours Each


$45 Each


asbestos / lead / cadmium awareness