About DTC

Our mission is to provide adults with the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to add value to their communities, families, and themselves. DTC administration and faculty members will put forth our best efforts to uphold this mission to prepare adults for employment through customized vocational training. Each of our courses will provide students with in-depth instruction based on real world experience. We intend to keep a standard of curriculum for each course, but we expect that no two classes will be the same. The content of each course will be specifically tailored to meet corporate, governmental or individual needs based on the multitude of backgrounds and experiences coexisting within our classrooms. 

The Detroit Training Center is dedicated to improving urban education, fostering personal growth, and supporting training and employment initiatives for adults. DTC will open doors to new industries with unyielding opportunity through commitment, dedication, and hard work. We are committed to providing our students and faculty with the facilities, materials, and instructional environment necessary to accomplish their personal, familial, and community goals.


The Detroit Training Center (DTC) specializes in customized, hands-on vocational programs of study, tailored to meet the construction and workforce needs of the city of Detroit. Established in 2012, DTC was founded on the principles of rebuilding and re-skilling Detroit residents with marketable licenses and certifications, allowing them to become valuable citizens. Our goal is to decrease unemployment and retain residents in Detroit--enabling our students to impact the future revitalization of the city socially and economically. As we begin to train as many Detroit residents in these fields as possible, DTC hopes to provide the workforce with long-term sustainability, in preparation for the demands of skilled labor that currently exists and for continued employment on projects that are on the horizon for the city. 

Workforce Development

DTC is proud to provide comprehensive Workforce Development Training Programs for various local non-profit, HR agencies, business owners, and government agencies. For those interested in participating in these programs, we invite them to come to an info session (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00am) to fill out a student profile. Then, we have our case managers speak one-on-one with each individual and assess whether that individual can obtain funding for a workforce program. Then, we direct the individual to the funding source. After the student completes the program, we tap into our established relationships with employers and assist the student with job placement in the prospective industry we trained them in.

Our workforce development programs include: