irrigate noun. supply water to (land or crops) to help growth, typically by means of channels.

pest noun. destructive insect, rodent or other animals that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc.

At the Detroit Training Center (DTC), we want to provide our students with the tools necessary to contribute to Detroit’s economy. Furthermore, we want to decrease the unemployment rates in our city, in order to encourage residents to stay here by providing better opportunities for them.

pest management / Irrigation technician training

Irrigation technicians are responsible for the installation of irrigation systems and ensuring the equipment is properly working. Moreover, they’re responsible for the repair of these systems.

Pest management technicians inspect to diagnose and control pest problems. It’s crucial to follow safety protocol when working with pesticides to avoid health hazards.

The Pest Management / Irrigation Technician Training course will allow students to gain knowledge to be certified for the National CORE certification and MDARD Commercial Pesticide Applicator 3A, 3B, and 6 Licenses. This license is a standard requirement for any Pest Management Technician job in the state of Michigan. This program also offers an additional add-on certification for mosquito management.

National Core Certification

CORE certification covers the following:

  • Pesticide Hazards

  • Personal Protective Gear

  • Transport, Storage, & Security

  • Incident Response

  • Pesticide Application

  • Pest Management

  • Federal Pesticide Laws

  • Pesticide Labeling

  • Pesticide Formulations

3B Certification

This includes applicators who use pesticides to manage pests of ornamental plants in exterior areas such as evergreens shrubs, and shade trees.

3A Certification

This includes applicators who use pesticides to manage pest of turf grasses.

6 Certification

This includes applicators who use pesticides in the maintenance of any of the following:

  • Railway Rights-Of-Way

  • Parking Lots

  • Tennis Courts

  • Noncrop Areas

  • Public Roads

  • Ditch Banks

  • Electric Power Lines

  • Pipelines

7F Special Add-On Certification

This certification will cost an additional $150 and covers mosquito management for outdoors.




pest management / irrigation