PEX Plumbing + Installing Toilet / Sink Workshops

PEX Plumbing Workshop

Ever had an issue with your home plumbing, wishing you didn’t have to always wait on a plumber to get the job done? With this PEX plumbing workshop, the wait can be over. During this workshop, you’ll be introduced to learning about plumbing materials such as fittings, rings, copper pipes and galvanized pipes. You’ll get educated on how the piping system of a home functions, so you can make your own in home fixes. Take full control of your own plumbing projects and join in by calling and registering with us! 

Installing Toilet + Sink Workshop

At this workshop, learn how to install sinks and toilets like a pro! The workshop is structured around getting you familiarized with how-tos such as replacing old toilet materials with new materials, problem solving broken materials, and lastly installing a brand new toilet. The workshop will also go over how to replace old sink systems with new ones. Get registered for our workshop today before time is up!