stonework noun. a the parts of a building that are made of stone.the work of a mason.

Masonry is building a structure with individual elements, laid in and bound together. The most common materials used are brick, limestone, granite, marble, and more. Being one of the most ancient practices in building, it’s an extremely durable form of construction. You can learn this skill and find better job opportunities with it. Detroit Training Center thrives to provide its students with the necessary tools and knowledge to empower their families, communities, and selves.

This program offers job placement assistance and funding assistance among many other opportunities for career growth. We have a long history of working with construction company owners, managers, supervisors, and human resources to ensure that safety, training records, and documentation are all aligned and maintained per OSHA standards.

Masonry restoration training program

This hands-on training program will provide students with the skills necessary to work on important Masonry Restoration projects in the city of Detroit and beyond. Skills and topics included cover the history of Masonry, tools, equipment and mediums used by Masons, as well as advanced masonry restoration techniques. Students will have the opportunity to learn mortar spreading, furrowing, buttering, brick-laying, and much more.

Credentials earned

  • First Aid / CPR Certification

  • Masonry Restoration Certification

  • Osha 30

  • Swing Stage Operator

  • Aerial Lift Operator



Masonry restoration training program