excavate noun. make (a hole or channel) by digging.

  • dig out material from (the ground).

  • extract (material) from the ground by digging.

Hydro excavator training program

Our Hydro Excavator training program is ideal for those looking to supplement their CDL and or Heavy Equipment Operator licenses. Hydro excavation is an environmentally-friendly method of removing or moving soil with pressurized water. An industrial-strength vacuum is simultaneously used to transfer the soil into a tank. Providing a non-destructive way to excavate soil with little risk of underground utility damage.

Our students will learn to safely and efficiently operate hydro excavation machinery. What can you do with hydro excavation? Daylighting, pipeline and utility crossing, trenching, and much more. Industries such as telecommunications, electrical and mechanical, drilling, construction and many more benefit from hydro vacs. At Detroit Training Center (DTC), we’re truly committed to providing our students with the best vocational education to help them empower themselves and their community.

Credentials earned

  • CDL-A License: With the commercial driver’s license (CDL), you’ll be able to operate large, heavy vehicles in commerce. The CDL Class A is required to drive any vehicle with a gross weight rating of 26,001 lbs. or more, including a towed vehicle with a gross weight of 10,000 lbs. or more. You’ll be taught the necessary skills and knowledge to pass a series of tests in order to obtain the CDL.

    The types of vehicles you can drive are tractor-trailers, truck and trailer combinations, tank vehicles, livestock carriers, and flatbeds.

  • Hydro Excavator Operator License: In order to get the license it’s crucial you have a firm grasp of the technology of the Hydro excavator. Moreover, you’ll receive extensive classroom and hands-on training in order to prepare you for the tests. After all, we want to give you the tools and knowledge to become a successful member of your community.



Hydro excavator training program