maintenance noun. the process of maintaining or preserving someone or something, or the state of being maintained.

facility maintenance professional

At Detroit Training Center, we want to help you build marketable job skills to boost your chance of getting a job. Our ultimate goal is to keep Detroit residents in the city by decreasing unemployment, giving them the tools necessary to positively impact our city socially and economically.

This training program teaches students how to perform duties to install, troubleshoot, repair and or maintain production and facility equipment according to safety, and productive maintenance systems and processes to support business needs and goals. Students will learn safety, job performance communication, professionalism, team participation, time allocation, customer service, and problem solving. The hands-on component of the course will focus on tools and equipment for various tasks including the use of personal protective equipment.

Credentials earned

  • First Aid: First aid is the emergency care you provide to an ill or injured person until professional medical treatment is available. It’s meant to preserve life, prevent the condition from getting worse, and promote recovery.

  • CPR: CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and it’s a lifesaving emergency procedure performed for people suffering from cardiac arrest. CPR doubles or triples the chances of survival.

  • Blood-borne Pathogens License: This teaches you how blood-borne pathogens are spread in order to avoid risk and exposure and what to do when exposed to blood or infected materials.

  • OSHA 10 Safety License: Its purpose is to promote workplace health and safety, making workers informed about workplace hazards and their rights.

  • EPA Lead Renovation, Repair, and Paint License: Prevent lead hazards by understanding safe work practices. Any renovation project that includes changing the paint in properties built before 1978 must be certified.

  • Forklift Operator Safety Permit: A forklift operator transports materials inside the working premises, by loading and unloading heavy items. The safety permit supports that you’re knowledgeable in forklift operation hazards.

  • Aerial Life Operator Safety Certification: Contribute to safer working environments and improve your job prospects. Aerial lifts are work platforms mounted in vehicles that can move vertically and horizontally.

  • Facility Maintenance Certification: Ensure efficient and safe operation in your workplace.



Facility Maintenance professional