asphalt noun. a mixture of dark bituminous pitch with sand or gravel, used for surfacing roads, flooring, roofing, etc .

asphalt paving training program

Asphalt paving is durable, efficient, easy to maintain, and affordable which is why it’s a popular choice for paving. Furthermore, asphalt is 100% recyclable, making it more environmentally friendly. Our purpose is to provide our students with the necessary tools and skills to get a job. We want to help our city socially and economically by helping our students empower themselves and their community.

This training program will teach students the fundamentals of paving and asphalt, operating paving equipment, and paving-related construction safety procedures. Our students will learn to operate paving equipment, as well as how to perform maintenance on paving equipment. Students will also learn multiple paving techniques and how to maintain a safe construction site.

Credentials earned

  • Backhoe Loader: Backhoe loaders are versatile machines used for small demolitions, transportation of building materials, construction, excavation, lifting, and much more. All in one single vehicle.

  • Bulldozer: Bulldozers are crawlers that are equipped with a blade used to push large quantities of sand, rubble, soil, and similar materials during construction work. It’s important to know how to safely operate it to avoid workplace hazards.

  • Roller: A road roller is a vehicle used to compact gravel, concrete, asphalt, and soil in the construction of roads or foundations. You’ll learn how to properly operate rollers while also understanding safety protocols to avoid hazards.

  • First Aid: First aid is crucial to aid an ill or injured person in an emergency. It’s meant to preserve life, prevent the condition from getting worse, and promote recovery while you wait for a medical professional to arrive.

  • CPR Certification: CPR means cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This lifesaving emergency procedure is performed for people suffering from respiratory or cardiac crises. CPR increases the chances of survival, making it an invaluable skill.

  • OSHA 30: It’s meant to promote workplace health and safety. Additionally, it teaches you your rights.



Asphalt Paving Training Program